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The journey became Director of boys 9x

    The journey became Director of boys 9x
    This young man admired by everyone and gave a name is Thai AiTi. Exposure to computers since 2006, but this guy had passion wants to be explored and conquered this technology.

    In 2009, in a casually Thai Google Blogspot known since he began studying the application and create your own mini-research works. Thought, that passion is just a hobby of his spirited young technophiles, but it has inspired this guy determined to operate the field. Guangzhou time 5 years accumulated knowledge and power of the Crown not too short nor too long. Thai share, every day, usually morning fasting to spend money the pub next door for sharp learning network.

    After graduating high school, he was admitted to the University of Business and Technology in Hanoi. Studying and working in a professional environment, the Thai AiTi feel very excited. 2013, Thailand registered www.thaiaiti.com Website activities for the purpose of sharing their passion. Share tips Blogspot, computer tips. To maintain operation and Development Blog. Thai AiTi sold models by their design template, the user community is fairly positively received.

    Not stopping there, this guy has long cherished that create a personal brand. After consultation with friends and family. Crown went to legal advice center to establish the company. Knowing, founded the company that Thailand will face many challenges, but with very young, enterprising. Presently Co. Technology And Communications Thai AiTi officially went into operation stable and gradual development.

    As one of the young people, representing generations of 9x we believe that the role of CEO Guy 9x will make the most wonderful things.

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